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Municipal Market of Chania

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The Municipal Market of Chania, the large building of 4000 square meters in a surrounding area of 17.200 square meters, is the “heart” of the city. It is an original building that, apart from a business activity center, also provides a concrete image of the ancient Greek marketplace.\

The design and construction of the Municipal Market was a time-consuming procedure that started in 1908 and was completed in 1913, the year when Crete was united with Greece. The official opening ceremony was performed by the Prime Minister of Greece, the notorious Elftherios Venizelos, three days after the unification of Crete with Greece, on December 4, 1913.  The spaces were organized according to special regulations, and the association “New Market of Chania” was founded by the business-holders. In general, on the eastern and western part of the market there were butcher shops, on the end of the west arcade there were the fish shops and on the north and south ends there were the fruit and vegetables shops. Few days before the Battle of Crete, on May 1941, a bombing shelter was constructed on the southeast part of the market. During the German occupation, the German soldiers occupied the central arcade and used it for the needs of the army.

In 1980, the Municipal Market of Chania was declared a protected monument by the Ministry of Culture.