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San Lorenzo


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The best known tomato cheese is the ” ball “The stone is crushed, salted, reshaped in the shape of a ball and matured for 45 days to become the ball of San Lorenzo, 43% fat on a dry and creamy texture, the sheep (from April to June) It produces milk and lavender flavors and has a rich, sour taste, with nuts, with a light and mild cow.

The Castellani is a cow white, fresh cheese with a chewy texture, which can enter into salads raw, but substantially is created to grilled, thus sent and entire tastiness (43% glosses. Dry).
The Tinian Gruyere boiled, 3-month maturity (so called because they boiled milk) is a cow traditional yellow cheese. It has pleasant milk flavors, mild taste, balanced salty and buttery aftertaste. The more mature it is, the harder and deeper the taste. Ideal neat, on the table.